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What is the Voltage Gain?

Considering the red signal as the input voltage and the yellow signal as the output voltage


a. 2

b. 1

c. 0.5

d. 4

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    The peak to peak of the yellow is about 4.5 divisions and the red is about 2.2. 4.5/2.2 is about 2 so (a) is the correct choice.

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    [a] , gain is double than input.

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    The input is ~400mv and the output is ~ 800mv so the gain is ~ 2.


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    The output (green) signal appears to be around twice the amplitude of the input (red) signal.

    The only answer that fits is A for gain = 2.

    Gain = output / input.

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    Gain is the ratio of the output to the input. The gain of a voltage amplifier is the ratio of the output voltage to the input voltage. I think it is negative gain.

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