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How big are king salmon after 2 years, right before they leave the freshwater and go into the ocean?


How big and how heavy?

Update 2:

I heard that only the pink and chum salmon head straight for the sea after birth, the rest stay in the river for 2 years.

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    I live in Alaska. Saw tiny salmon in lots of streams in Kodiak and Sitka. Once the salmon hatch they head for the sea. They do not need a very big steam - you can see salmon spawning in drainage ditches along the side of roads if they can get to it. Once the eggs hatch - its off to sea - most streams the only thing to eat is other salmon fry. If they hang around the stream or mouth of the stream they will get eaten by Dolly Varden - a type of trout that winters over in lakes, then go to sea and head up streams to feed on salmon fry.

    It takes 4 years for King salmon to be adults. Kings that come back after 2 years are called 'Jacks' and are half the size, or less, of adults - frequently mistaken for silver salmon (Coho) in the 16-20 pound area. Mature Kings are in that 65 to 125 pound area.

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