What do furries do? ?

What do furries actually do? I’ve heard that they f*ck in animal costumes, but this has never been proven. Are they like people who think they’re animals or people who have s*x with animals? What is a furry and what do they do? This is a SERIOUS question, and I’m not joking.

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  • olivia
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    1 year ago
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    The term furry describes a diverse community of fans, artists, writers, gamers, and role players. Most furries create for themselves an anthropomorphized animal character (fursona) with whom they identify and can function as an avatar within the community.

  • Sky
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    1 year ago

    Olivia has a very good answer, but the other parts of your question that cite myths, misinformation, stereotypes, and lies about furries should also be addressed.

    No, furries don't have sex in animal costumes, for numerous reasons. First, they're very expensive, averaging around $2000 on the low end. Second, they're uncomfortable to wear, often being compared to wearing a sofa or being rolled up in a carpet. Third, similarly, due to the heat they hold in, wearing a fursuit can easily lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke from just walking a short distance on a warm day. They are not conducive to as much physical activity as sex would involve. (There are dancers who perform in fursuit dance competitions who put on a hell of a show, but that lasts only a couple minutes and then they're off stage, getting out of their fursuits and drinking ice water.) Fourth, fursuits cause serious limitations to eyesight, hearing, dexterity, and mobility, which would make an interaction such as sex quite awkward. Fifth, they are difficult to clean and maintain, and repairs can be expensive. And last, a fursuit is a furry's pride and joy. They aren't going to let you approach with a cup of coffee, let alone lube and body fluids. Now, that isn't to say it never happens; over the years I've known two people who tried it, one who didn't like it the first time and another who did it for a while and gave it up. It's actually far more common outside the furry fandom, engaged in by people who aren't furries, buy cheap fursuit-like costumes for their fun, and don't know or don't care about the limitations of wearing such a costume.

    People who believe or know themselves to be animals (ie. an animal's consciousness/soul trapped in a human body) are called therians or otherkins. Furries overall invent and imitate an animal character for entertainment and creativity purposes and don't consider themselves to actually be those animals. Therians/otherkins know or believe themselves to fully or partly be a nonhuman animal due to self awareness, knowledge of self, etc. Furries and therians are not mutually exclusive: there are furries who are not therians, there are therians who are not furries, and there are people who are both. Furry is an interest and hobby; therianthropy is a matter of self identity.

    Furries do not have sex with animals and in general the furry community frowns on that. People who have sex with animals are zoophiles/zoosexuals or bestialists. When a human loves and respects nonhuman animals as true equals and is romantically/emotionally attracted to one or more species as mates, that person is a zoophile. When the zoophile is also physically/sexually attracted to those animal mates, that person is a zoosexual. Zoophilia/zoosexuality is an inborn sexual orientation and is present in a small percentage of the world's population. There are also people who do not have such feelings of mateship attraction to animals and view animals as things, property, or lesser beings, yet will still have sex with animals whether for kink reasons, a friends-with-benefits arrangement, or other reasons. I refer to such people as bestialists, because they are only interested in bestiality, not a lasting relationship in love together with the nonhuman partner.

    A furry is someone who is part of the furry fandom, the global community of fans who love and appreciate anthropomorphic cartoon animal characters and the creative, talented artists behind them. What furries do, besides all the same mundane stuff that everyone else in the world does, includes making artwork, collecting artwork (commissions or buying prints), enjoying cartoons on TV and movies, making fursuits, wearing fursuits, performing, acting, singing, sculpting, doing puppetry, writing books/comics/poetry/other literature, meeting with other friends who are furries, going to fur meets to meet whole groups of furries, going to furry conventions to be with thousands of other furries, and so on. As I said, being a furry is an interest and hobby, and it's one with many different facets to it which people can participate in it however they want.

    Source(s): furry since 1999, active in the furry community since 2008
  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    No, they don't have sex with real animals, or like real animals. They like cartoon anthropomorphic animals in furry costumes. It's not reality-based. It basically a fetish from watching too much anime.

    They don't think they're animals either. There are a different bunch of actual crazy people called "otherkin" who think they're the reincarnated souls of animals. Usually imaginary ones like dragons and unicorns.

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