Is this considered and is it possible ?

Hi everyone having a issue I'm also using my sisters page haven't been used in over a year anyways here's my question is it considered sex if it doesn't go fully in and is it possible to get pregnant he also didn't  ejaculated in me . Thanks please help   

1 Answer

  • John P
    Lv 7
    3 weeks ago

    Pregnancy is unlikely if the penis is not fully inserted and the male does not ejaculate inside you. But Mother Nature does sometimes like to spring surprises, so do not entirely rule out the possibility of pregnancy. Pre-come may sometimes contain a few sperms, and no male knows if he pre-comes inside you.

    Next time be more careful! At least a condom, but if he is careless about that sort of thing you should get yourself on "the Pill" or get an implant etc.

    Get more info at a sexual health clinic, since the schools you both attended obviously didn't give you much info.

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