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Tfcc tear suspected?

So i had injured my wrist back in mid August, he said it was a contusion, i was have some wrist pain still after 3 weeks so he sent me for an MRI, didn't get in till almost mid September. On the 24th the results came back as “IMPRESSION: 

1. Contrast seen within the distal radioulnar joint without frank discontinuity of TFCC seen. However, given the presence of contrast, tear is suspected” I’m not sure what all that means, I understand the there is tear, because my doctor is sending me to a hand surgeon with an “AMB referral to hand surgery”  

I keep looking up symptoms thinking its not possible I actually have a tear. I do over use my hands quite often for work, but i dont have constant pain, its not swollen, i have a decent range of motion in my wrist, when i make a fist and try to to make circles with my wrist i do hear a small popping noise and my wrist does get tired and sore pretty quick, and when i touch it it doesn’t hurt, when i press down with a little more pressure it does kinda give me a dull pain.  

What do you guys think the doctor could say? Nervous because before my doctor said “if you have tear you will need to get surgery at your age (24yrs) 

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