Irregular Bowel movement?

I have been on and off for the last several months been having weird bowel movements, (especially considering I have never been one to drink a lot of water. )

According to the link

I used to typically have type 1-3 but I knew that's because I didn't drink much water (maybe a bottle or 2 if I excercised). Now however when I drank even less if any (since I haven't been excercing as much) I have had very easy to pass type 4 and 6 and find I need to go 4 times a day one after the other.

Recently it has been happening more frequently even. Last week I had a day or 2 of number 7 even.

Also when I find myself drink even a bit of water I usually within 5 minutes find myself running for the bathroom having to go type 6.

I am really confused by all of this. What's going on with my body?

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