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How do I deal with this dating situation?

So I was speaking to this guy, getting to know him. I like his personality so far. He was opening up about himself and I spoke to him before on a forum when we weren't 'online dating' that time I wrote stuff on the forum and he wrote responses and something came up, he said he had a limb removed. I haven't stopped talking to him, I still am considering him...

But we haven't exchanged photos yet so we have no clue what we look like. I'm worried that once i know what he looks like, I won't find him physically attractive and I would feel even worse than normal if I reject someone who's lost a limb.

I personally look for both inner and outer beauty. At the end of the day, if i get into a relationship with someone, I would have to kiss them etc. and if I wasn't attracted to them physically I would be missing out on so much pleasure and it would also be difficult to force myself to kiss/ get intimate someone I'm not attracted to.

I also on't like it if I feel masculine compared to a guy i.e. I don't want someone shorter than me or with a much narrower bone structure or a shorter face.

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