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Was the French Revolution successful or a failure? Give explanations please  ?

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    What a complex question. It succeeded in getting rid of the King, though that wasn't the original goal. It broke up the power of the Church by nationalizing and selling all Church property - I think that was a good thing, but I'm anti-clerical (not anti-Catholic, anti-clerical). The Revolution was taken over by fanatics who saw treasonous conspiracies everywhere, and who made liberal use of the guillotine. The peasants of the Vendee were fiercely royalist and bitterly resented the Parisian know it alls, and fought a bloody civil war to resit them. The proto communist Babeuf had a fairly large influence after the Revolution, and helped sparked the revolutions of 1848.

    The biggest failure of the revolution is the figure of Napoleon, who rode in on the proverbial white horse to save the nation and took it over instead.

    The Revolution issued the famous declaration "The Rights of Man," which had almost as much influence in Europe as the Declaration of Independence had in the USA. Every republican government in Europe (except for the UK) owes a debt to the French Revolution.

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    It's hard to say, it was certainly more bloody that American one, that happened in that same period.

    I think that in my opinion is rather a failure, it failed because loot people died for no reason. 

  • It was going okay, but then they kinda just lost their heads...

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    Failure.  It gave birth to Marxism and the rise of popular control.

    The fact is, the majority of people are too ignorant to understand the complexity of government.  Most people are so caught up in their personal struggles and trying to enrich themselves that they do not see the big picture.  What is popular is not always right.  Nazi Germany proves this.

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      So, are you suggesting that 'the majority of people' shouldn't be allowed to vote?

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