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Why are we living the way we are?

Life is so stressful,  why does money exist? We literally have ONE life! Why are we going through debt, paying pills, going to school, fighting etc.

Like...just think about it. We slave trying to make millions of dollars, or atleast enough to fund a decent living. Then we die. That's it. We cant take money with us...all of our hard work goes down the drain then people forget about it. Why are we doing all of this? I know it sounds stupid. I'm only 18 but thinking about trying to reach a goal only to die is crazy to me.

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    Basically because without it the world would be chaos. Without all of the jobs we have we wouldn’t have a lot of things. For example, we wouldn’t have access to food and health care like we have today without money. Money motivates people to get a job and support our human race. Like doctors and cops they protect us from crazy people and diseases. I agree, it’s crazy and it’s a broken system because of people who still suffer, but imagine life without it.

    • Trishanku3 weeks agoReport

      That's the most brief but beautiful answer ever. Yes! We simply are not appreciating for all that we are getting. Thank for you for this beautiful answer.

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    You're not stupid and it's a great question to ask... but likely keep it to yourself. Do you see what has been ranked as the best answer? It's nonsense! Money isn't real, nor is it as important as our governments are forcing us to believe. Focus on your passions and natural talents and pursue them. Focus on inspiring others to be more compassionate and helpful to others. 

    The person who posted the "Best Answer" asked you to think of a life without money... I did, it would be one of compassion, camaraderie and peace!

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    We live the way we are living because we're striving to survive.

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    Because people are focused less on serving God and more on worldly pursuits.

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    The World is run by capitalist pigs, and so much is designed by them through governments and corporations to MAXIMIZE PROFIT. From how we are glued to endless ads on our phones, constantly promoted the next new thing, they force us into a 9-5 work week all year round in jobs that give us little enrichment and benefit and thats Probably why there is increasing levels of mental illness in people's lives and if you think about it were kind of dulled into this zombie work force and its very difficult to escape from it because our brains become addicted to it through our environment and subconscious surroundings. We live like this because of greed and because this world is a temporal plane. Its hard to wake up

    • You lost me at 'pigs'.  We are a nation founded on the principals of self reliance and drive.  You either have it or find it or you will mire through life disillusioned.

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    Life is what we make it whatever we are dealt yes it's not fair we have to live in a sometimes cruel uncaring hectic world and eventually die because we are all imperfect and have inherited sin and the penalty is Death it's not the total end God promises soon to reverse this all have faith 🙏.

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    Death to all men is the answer

  • 4 weeks ago

    Why don't you sell your body or get into crime jobs to make things easier for you.

  • Zirp
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    4 weeks ago

    because we worship money aka capitalism.

    We could have slashed the working-week in half decades ago, but then there would have been no billionnaires. [so what?]

    without going deeper in debt, our economies would shrink

  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    Society has conditioned us to believe this is the way things have to be.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Do something about it.

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