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What are the consequences for operating a business without a license?

i was visiting Arizona for a couple of days and running a business out of my hotel room. A customer complained about the services and when i refused a refund she assaulted me. I called the police and she continued to assault me as i was on the phone with 911. She eventually went to the parking lot to wait for police and 911 called me and told me i will be arrested for ooperating a business without a license if i decide to pursue charges.

Can a cop do this? if yes, what are the consequences for operating abusiness wihtout a license.

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    BS. The hotel would have shut you done LONG before a customer had time to be unsatisfied.

    Having a license isn't an issue. The hotel can, and does, prohibit doing business in the room.

    Even if you were called and told you would be arrested, the call WOULD NOT come from 911.

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    If you're collecting ANY type of tax, you can't deposit it with the state or Federal Government legally and will have lots of problems with them.

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    It's probably just a fine. But the hotel could be very upset and eject you. They don't like businesses that bring random people to the rooms, especially when those people end up in the parking lot while the police swarm the hotel.

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    its harder to file your tax returns.

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