Virgo sun, Capricorn rising, Scorpio moon. What does this mean about me?

I’m curious 👀

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  • 3 weeks ago
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    Those are just the signs, which don't show much directly, (despite what you see on this site). Capricorn rising means that was the sign rising over the eastern horizon at your precise moment of birth, (so you were born some time in the afternoon). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, so find out which house your Saturn is in because this house, which represents an area of life for you, is where what you experience in life directly influences the way you grow and mature as a person. Capricorn is on your 1st house which is your window to the world; it's how you approach life in general and basically shows the type of journey you have to make in life to get to your Sun, which is what you have to strive to be, not necessarily who you are. The house your Sun is in is where you can look to be unique and find some sort of sense of self importance maybe. The house with Leo on its cusp will have some sort of connection for you with the house your Sun is in.

    Your Moon in Scorpio can give some very deep and intense feelings and emotions so it's important to find out how your Moon is aspected by other planets because any planets in aspect to it will modify your Moon's influences over you a lot. The same applies to each planet in your chart though. Planets rarely act alone in a birth chart and this is why the sign a planet is in, (which includes your Sun and Moon), doesn't just act in the style of its sign because of the influences from other planets.

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