Please help are we going to get sick and dogs from roaches everywhere!!!?

There's a million in the house always moving around. We've tried everything to get rid of them but we have a heavily wooded yard so its impossible. My parents gave up. A few of my dogs like to chase them and eat them and eat the dead ones too. I have lots of food in my room and on my bed and they crawl on me sometimes and come for the trash bags and dished piled up in the kitchen as well as the food left on the table.

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    The first thing you're going to have to do is go to the feed and ranch store and get yourself a 1-gallon container of malathion and hose-end applicator and spray the crap out of the yard. Then put a good quality roach bait in the house. And let the roaches eat it you'll gain control if you follow my suggestion.

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    1 month ago

    Of course, clean things up. Any food left will attract them. After that, use boric acid sprinkled around, or use diatomacious earth (food grade) sprinkled around. If you are in the south, I have heard they are quite difficult, so CLEAN everything and hope for the best.

    By the way, in general, from your questions posted you might consider becoming an author, rather than wasting your time on YA. You could then actually make a little money, and entertain people, as well.

    Your first book: "The Roach who Came for Dinner".

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