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Depression or Just Sadness?

I’m the youngest of four and all the expectations that haven’t been met by my siblings are always pushed on me. My parents have many serious issues with each other (they won’t divorce bc it’s one, a sin in our religion and two, they don’t want to think about it until we all graduate) so I have to deal with constant yelling and arguments in our family that I don’t want to hear. They have even been involved with the police bc of one of their more serious arguments. My mom acts VERY bipolar (and my dad said she might be) It’s very stressful having to live with this and also try and live up to all these expectations that people have for me and I have my very sad moments where I just cry myself to sleep at night or while I’m studying and though I seem like a very happy person, I’m really not. I usually fake my smile at school and at this point I’m used to it. I just feel so trapped sometimes and sometimes like I don’t belong in my friend group or just in this place at all or that I’ve changed since I was younger. I don’t exactly know what this feeling is. I’ve read things about depression and there are some points that I believe describe how I feel. I can’t get a diagnosis either bc I know for a fact my family would never take me to get one so I’m asking you guys. Do you believe this is depression or just plain sadness?

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