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I need help with psychology homework please no negativity ?

Explain how research designs were used by authors to conduct research in personality psychology. In other words, how did the research designs used by researchers help in conducting research regarding personality psychology?  G. Discuss how issues of ethics have been addressed in the foundational research presented in the course. For example, how did the authors inform the participants of what the experiment would entail? How did the authors account for any potential risks to participants associated with the study?  H. Discuss how issues of ethics in personality psychology have been viewed historically. In other words, how have issues of ethics in the field been viewed over time? Has this view changed as the field has progressed? Be sure to support your response with examples from research to support your claims.  

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    Do your own homework. I'll help you with any particular points you need clarified but just posting the whole prompt and hoping someone will do it for you is not OK.

    One thing I see you do need clarified is the punishment/reward model.

    We can modify behavior through 4 different methods:

    Positive punishment.

    Negative punishment.

    Positive enforcement.

    Negative enforcement.

    The terms positive and negative mean here to give or take away respectively.

    In The order I listed them examples are such as:

    Spankings, give pain.

    Shunning, take away friendship.

    Pay checks, give money.

    Therapy, take away pain.

    "Negative" in terms of making you feel bad about sloth is an incorrect use of the word. It is in fact positive punishment, giving "go away behavior" inducing emotions in order to correct the behavior of not doing your own homework.

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