Lifted Dodge Ram Swaying Issues?

I have a 2015 Dodge Ram 1500 5.7 Hemi. The truck has a 4.5”/3” Maxtrac lifted suspension and 35” wheels. I’m having an issue that worsens when carrying a heavy load. When I turn the wheel back and forth, even very slightly I can feel the truck sort of “wiggle” or “squirm”, almost like a snake. When I am carrying a load in the bed or a heavy trailer, it is much worse. As the suspension in the rear is stressed it becomes very unstable and I cannot drive over 45 miles per hour without the truck swaying left and right and can become uncontrollable unless I slow down. Any ideas or advice? Thank you.

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  • 1 month ago

    That’s because of the excessive lift kit and the large balloon tyres.

    Return it to stock, and if you do genuinely need extra ground clearance take the truck to a genuine off-road specialist. They’ll know how much lift you can get without making serious compromises like you’re experiencing and how to mitigate those problems when they occur: but it starts getting expensive when you need custom “turned arms” at the front to preserve the original camber and castor angles.

    One thing is always true though: when you optimise any vehicle for off-road suspension-travel and ground clearance you WILL adversely affect normal road behaviour and will also need to dramatically reduce cornering speeds on the road, especially in rain or snow and always when carrying a heavy load, because you’ve totally reset the centre of gravity and body roll moment.

  • Pearl
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    maybe you should have a mechanic check it out

  • JetDoc
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    1 month ago

    The truck was designed to carry loads and pull trailers with the original suspension. You screwed up the suspension by lifting it and installing oversized tires. If you want to use the truck to carry heavy loads or pull a trailer, you have a choice... Either put it back to stock configuration or junk it and buy a serious truck.

    • Gage1 month agoReport

      Lifted trucks don’t have issues pulling trailers or carrying loads most of the time, and Maxtrac is a great suspension all around, used by a huge number of people with no issues. My point is something is wrong with the particular configuration.

  • 1 month ago

    Okay? Fix the suspension

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