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Guys, what would you least like to hear?

A. You sure are short compared to my brothers.

B. You sure come faster than my dad.

C. I usually do it with more than 1 guy. Can you bring your buddies for help next time.

D. The next time we will let my whole family watch so they can tell you what you are doing wrong.

E. So what was your name again?

F. Did it feel OK? I used to be a man.

G. I hope you enjoyed it because I was faking it.

H. Did you have to have those rubbers custom made to get them that small?

I. After sex with you, I am going back to women. At least they kiss me when we are done.

J. How was sloppy seconds?

K. If your check bounces, say goodbye to your balls.

L. It is customary to tip the brothel 10 percent because our slogan is “The customer always comes first”

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  • 4 months ago

    All of them sound better to me, then when she asks, "Is it in yet? And she's behind me.

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