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What is it like being a nurse?

I have a couple questions for the retired/current nurses. I want to get into oncology nursing. I had bone cancer when I was younger, only 4 years ago. It would be an amazing opportunity to get into nursing one day. 

1. Am I allowed to negotiate my schedule?- I want to have several kids when I’m older. Maybe 3-4, I want to spend time with them for birthdays, holidays, etc. I think it’d be nice if I worked night shifts only. 

2. Can I interact with the kids?- I also want to be a child’s light in their darkness as well as take care of them and help them recover from cancer. 

3. How stressful is nursing?- my sister volunteers at the hospital. She’s told me that the nurses are highly stressed out due to the children and their conditions. But I want to know how your point of view was. How did you guys handle it?

4. What will I be majoring in college?

Thank you for answering my questions. I will be shadowing local nurses this weekend as well.

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    So I’m not a nurse YET, but I am senior nursing student who did an internship(where I basically WAS a nurse, under the supervision of a mentor) for the entire summer and I’ve done 2 years worth of rotations. My mother is also a nurse. So I can provide some perspectives.

    Nursing is definitely not what it is on TV, and isn’t what you truly think it is from a patient point of view. I was hospitalized too, when I was 17 for scoliosis surgery. I knew then that I wanted to be a nurse, but I truly had no idea how much work my nurse must have done behind the scenes. Being a nurse can be taxing. dealing with people at their most vulnerable moments can be exhausting. I thought I wanted to go into pediatrics, but dealing with the parents is quite a task.

    Yes, you can coordinate holidays, but you’ll more than likely be working at least 2 major holidays unless you’re working in an office. which you shouldn’t do right off the bat). Sure, you can be a night nurse. Most people hate the night shift.

  • Erik
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    It would drive me crazy to work in a doctor's office, and be around sick or old people all the time. No way.

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    Nursing is often high stress, especially in critical care, emergency, and similar areas of the hospital. You will need bachelor's in nursing (BSN) and master's in nursing (MSN) to specialize in oncology nursing, or other highly specialized fields. Once you have your education & a few years experience, perhaps you can have some choice as to your hours - more seniority = more choice, earlier choice. You might also work part-time.

    But your thinking of having 3 or more kids, even in a two-income family, are probably unrealistic, especially for someone in a high-stress occupation which will require continuing education. You will find two, spaced at least 3-4 yrs apart, plus part-time nursing (2-3 shifts/week), home, family obligations (spouse, parents, in-laws & others), etc, will be very challenging.

    • juliet
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      ??? Plenty of nurses have 3-5 kids. My mother is one of them. And we’re all pretty close in age

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