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Recently had a encounter with a gay escort. What are my odds of being infected with HIV?

Firstly, I do not know if this person has HIV but how could I? Secondly, he wore a condom during penetration, but not when I performed oral. What are the chances that I have become infected? I noticed that my left lymph node in my neck is a little swollen and maybe tender, and this is one of the only symptoms early on from what I read.

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    Having swollen lymph nodes could be a lot of things.

    Your chances of getting HIV from oral sex are low but possible.

    If you're concerned about having HIV, you should see your doctor and talk to them about getting tested for it.

  • Jason
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    4 weeks ago

    See, you have done a mistake and now you are suffering from it. Now get tested, remove your doubts and then forget about what has happened, learn from the mistake and don't do it again, because you have to suffer like now again (Not even with a condom). Have one trusted partner for sex even it may take time to find a one

  • Byrd
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    4 weeks ago

    There's just no help for stupid

  • 4 weeks ago

    Use some mouthwash

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  • Lisa A
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    4 weeks ago

    This is a question for your doctor.

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