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Learning disability? ?

In 6th grade I remember my teachers having me do this puzzle thing and asking me questions  and then the next day they told my mom I have a learning disability and I was put in classes that help me more. Well I’m 23 now and obviously still struggle. The simplest things confuse me and it affects my work when I don’t understand something simple tasks my boss is telling me to do. Is that something I should mention to my doctor? Should I be tested for any other disability? I’m honestly not really even sure what a learning disability is.... any help is appreciated 

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    why does it need to be another disability? see if you can get your records and see what they say. in the US, the school doesn't formally diagnose, but only screens for eligibility for special ed.

    in the US, you can contact vocational rehab for help if you are having trouble maintaining employment. they can help with things like arranging accommodations and job coaching if you need it.

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    In this world of denying rights.

    NEVER mention anything near Mental Disability. You could lose Human Rights.

    Let the Doctor figure it out. Much of the Mental Diseases currently popular are Subjective Observation, There really are no Medical Tests.

    IF a person is Mentally Defective it will show, if it is worth it.

    Most of modern mental diseases are based on Money, not "Chemical Imbalance". No Test, No Disease.

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