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Is Disney a bad stock investment, and a company liable to lose a lot of earnings for the reasons I am about to state?

Mickey Mouse will be in the public domain in just over four years, On January 1st, 2024.

Donald and Daisy Duck, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and Goofy will follow soon after as they were created shortly after Mickey.

Many other Disney characters such as Snow White will follow within a decade from then.

That means anyone can produce cartoons with such characters for profit. Disney will no longer own those rights, they will belong to the public.

And that's not even limited to animation. Other companies such as Six Flags and Sea World will now be able to open Disney themed theme parks, even if they can't actually use the name "Disney."

And considering the success of Disney Parks, and the current "net worth" of Mickey Mouse and other popular Characters, why wouldn't they want a piece of the pie?

It's not like it would be all that risky, those characters and parks are already tried and true successes.

Is a much greater amount of direct competition, which interferes with their bottom line, on the horizon for Disney?

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    They don't make money on those characters anymore. Sure, they're a part of the theme parks and someone could try to mimic...but there is more to those parks then just characters...rides, experiences, etc.

    Also, its the modern characters which are popular. My kids don't know Mickey Mouse...but they know Anna and Else from Frozen...

  • 4 weeks ago

    Not exactly. Disney might consider these characters as trademarks and make a case that they cannot be used by outsiders.

  • Judy
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    4 weeks ago

    I don't think so. Creating a park to compete with Disney is not nearly as easy as you make it sound. And today's kids don't even KNOW Mickey, Minnie, Donald, etc except in relation to the parks.

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    4 weeks ago

    The copyright and trademarks and their enforcement are complex. The details explained here:

    Disney is a lot more than the old characters.

    tv channels, theme parks, media production studios, digital media Direct-to-Consumer

    Buena Vista Studios have a 32% 2019 market share year to date for box office.

    20th Century Fox another $331,959,429 million 2019, now 36% share disney

    add in Fox Searchlight 0.6% $54.8mm

    They've expanded substantially.

    I wouldn't count them out.

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Mickey Mouse may or may not become public domain soon. I would not count on it becoming a public domain property.

  • 4 weeks ago

    Snow White was not originally a Disney character. The story was first published in 1812 and probably existed as an oral tale even earlier.

    The bulk of Disney's profits don't come from Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, etc. They have a lot of newer stuff like Moana and Frozen. Perhaps more important, they bought several other companies and now have the rights to Star Wars (all 9 movies) and Pixair's movies, none of which are going to be public domain anytime soon.

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