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How to see inside a car with 5% tint?

So i am a P.I and my client wants me to look into their former significant other’s car to see if that person is leaving their child in the car for extended amounts of time. Problem is said person’s vehicle had 5% tints on all their windows so it makes it borderline impossible to see anything in the car let alone a child. So i did some looking around and discovered IR thermal imaging could possibly help me with my problem but i want yo ask around first before i buy a several hundred dollar piece of equipment to get the job done. So what i am asking is can a IR thermal imaging binoculars, camera, etc see into a car with 5% tints all around except the windshield?


I dont need to get a perfect picture of someones face inside the car. As long as i am able to tell there is a body inside of the car is all i need to complete my task

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    LOL,,windshields are rarely tinted at all, and IR won't see through glass.

    It is all in your 'how to be a PI for beginners' handbook.

    5% tints are just barely tinted.

    Problems like reflected glare are your problem and they make a handy filter for cameras for that, look into polarization filters.

  • 3 weeks ago

    just look through the windshield stupid

    you should give up being a PI

    • Cody3 weeks agoReport

      i didnt realize you were going out at night, pretty sure youre not gonna catch a kid left in the car overnight stupid

  • 3 weeks ago

    5% tint is LESS than over the counter sunglasses. I could see through that with sun glare interfering.

    If you believe this, you are not even a 4th grade science student.

    • Cody3 weeks agoReport

      the higher the percent the easier it is to see through car tinting stupid, 5% is impossible to see though unless your face is right on the glass

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