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How can I make my tattoo fade a bit?

I got a tattoo about 2 months ago and I like it because it has very deep meaning to me personally. I do have one problem tho, the tattoo artist used black "eternal ink", and I know it's pretty new but I was hoping to get that nice green colour you see on people's tattoos. For some reason my tattoo is pure black. It looks as if it's fresh. I know alot of people want that and that some hate the green colour but it's kinda dissapointing for me tbh. What can be done to achieve the greenish colour? I know it's gonna fade more over time but it's been 2 months and it's one of those things where you expect something to turn out similar to what others have but In reality it's completely different.

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    Go on eBay and purchase a neat cell laser it's called a tattoo removal laser set it on low power you're going to need the red one not the blue one if you're going to work with black color. Lightly brush your tattoo with the red laser light don't try to do too much in one day you can either remove the tattoo entirely or you can fade it as much as you want to fade it it's under tattoo removal laser and they cost less than $75 again get the red one not the blue one. Don't shine this light in your eye it will blind you

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  • Anonymous
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    You're simply going to have to wait.

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    why would you wasn’t it to fade? i’d say go in the pool, let it get lots of sunlight. the opposite of what someone would do if they wanted it to stay black. but i’m guessing you’re new to tattoos? two months is still very new for a tattoo.... it takes years for one to become green. my sisters has had a tattoo on her back for 8 years and it’s still black.

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    I know you are dissappointed in this, but you are the only person out there who wants a tattoo like this.

    Tattoo ink turns weird colors for some people, and it happens over time. Your tattoo might turn out like this, but there is a good chance that it won't because the pigments used in tattoo inks improve every day.

    If you want a tattoo like this your best bet would be to have a few sessions of laser removal done on it and see how it fades. Once it gets weird and patchy, fill in those patches with green and you will have your faded tattoo.

    It also sounds like you went to a good artist. If you go to a bad artist you are more likely to get the look of the tattoo you want, because good tattoos don't turn weird and green. Go to a bad artist and you should be able to get what you want.

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