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Why does my router light blink fast or slow even when the Wifi switch turned off ?

Why does my router internet green light blink even when the Wifi switch turned off ? sometimes 

blinking slowly or blinking rapidly

Im using tecnicolor Tg582n adsl. Is someone stealing my internet ?

How to tell ?


(Master Of Puppets) ethernet cable not plugged

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    Do you have any Ethernet devices plugged in normally? Based on your picture, it doesn't seem that there are any. If you do have Ethernet plugged, then they'll be talking on the network regardless of if you have Wi-Fi enabled or not.

    It is also normal that your modem talks to your ISP regularly. Sometimes it's checking for updates or updating some settings which will cause network traffic which causes the lights to blink.

  • 3 weeks ago

    Connected to your DSL line the modem constantly talks back and forth to your ISP host server.

    Uplink and downlink will blink with activity, Wi Fi only when connected.

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