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Chronic compartment syndrome ?

I am in the army and have been suffering from chronic compartment syndrome for the last 5 of my 11 years. When I conduct the 2 mile run portion of the PT test if it doesn’t flare up so bad I run about a 14 flat but when it does I run it in about a 16 flat giving all I got which is almost failing. Now I am on a permanent walking profile for the PT test in which I must walk 2.5 miles in 35 min. I have been practicing and it’s even more excruciating than the running pain. None of the army doctors don’t want to/ highly suggest me not to get the surgery so that’s not an option. So far I can walk it in about 33 in excruciating pain. Is there anything I can do prior to the test to maybe make it at least some what bearable to possibly get a better time. Tylenol, wraps, braces, tapes?? Anything to get me back moving.

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    It is fairly easy to release 3 compartment through one long incision on the lateral calf. Since you do not really do any work on the muscles, or bones, it only takes about 2 weeks for the skin incision to heal.

    Talk to an Orthopedic Surgeon, they love to do this type of surgery, especially at a hospital with a residency training program.

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