HSV - I've been having prodrome for 5 days, no symptoms yet?

I had sexual contact 8 days ago. I have been having prodrome signs since five days ago (tingling, burning and itching sensations around my lips and my penis) but have not seen any blisters yet. Am I experiencing a mild or asymptomatic break out? or should I still wait for the real break out to happen?

1 Answer

  • A symptomatic means you have it but you don't have any signs or symptoms. Seeing that you have symptoms you're not a symptomatic. It could be a mild break out, if the symptoms are not pain full. Also some people can experience prodrome symptoms for a few days, before they get a break out. If you know that you have oral herpes, there are over the counter creams that you can apply to the area, when a break out starts to happen to help reduce or even prevent them.

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