My NEEWER NW-700 is not functioning.?

I've had the Neewer NW-700 for nearly a year now, it has worked perfectly. I went to turn on the phantom power supply to use my microphone, and it doesn't work. My digital mixer reads it as if it is off (the power supply) because it's just the same low static I hear if I were to turn on feedback while it was off. I've checked all of the cables, my sound card is fine, my audio comes through clearly. I think it has to do with the microphone, what could it be?

1 Answer

  • 1 month ago

    Why would your microphone need the power supply?....

    • Originally I had a laptop before I had the desktop that I have, so I needed the power supply because my laptop could not generate enough electricity to run the microphone. I tried removing the power supply, but it seems that it doesn't function with out it.

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