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Should one forever be judged for things they did as a kid?

My college is located near my former neighborhood. I'm moving on from my past now.

A couple folks in the area still judge me for things I did in 2010; I was then 10. I did things bad enough to get be institutionalized for 6 years. But still, I was a kid bad then. Isn't it enough now? Should one forever be judged for things they did as a kid? I was a terribly abused (got molested too) kid and turned crazy for a while.

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    This is why a lot of people choose to leave their childhood neighborhoods when they grow up. You opted not to do that so it's to be expected that some remember you as a kid. Still, this is just opinion and people can't be held responsible for their thoughts, only for their actions. So as long as these folks aren't actively undermining you you should just complete your education and then probably consider moving far away.

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    People are different. Different people have different standard of judgement. I personally have never met or known anybody that would judge an adult by what they have done as a child. I guess it all depends too. If i had known someone who was really a bad kid, and i see that person after 10 years, i might be a bit suspicious or curious at least about how he turned out to be. If his deeds as a child is all the memory i have of him, then normally, that's all i would be thinking about, but of course, i would also know that back then he was just a kid, so i would not be judging him for it. That would be ridiculous in my opinion.

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    Not forever. But you can't expect people to just forget.

    Prove that you've changed.

    Do some volunteering around your neighbourhood. Spend a half day every weekend picking up litter or cleaning up graffiti. Go to local events. Talk to people. Word will spread.

    And well done for making a change in your life!

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