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Are Liverpool fans happy with a point out of today's game v man utd?

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    I'm happy with the 1 point yes, when I saw how organised and spirited their players were I knew that everything else about how good we are, european champions, blah blah would go out of the window and I was proved right.

    Ole set out about his business in good fashion, positive and aggressive. We got over physical with Daniel James which was clever tactic but i'd rather we'd just focused on trying to get the first goal in that game.

    We were lacking that extra bit of flair and creativity in the side, Salah.

    that said, 1-1 was a fair result. Did we deserve the point ? 100% of course we did.

    Did they deserve to win the match ? Yes if you go by pre match build up, how the entire world were saying we'd 'smash' them 5-0 or something of the sort, ha.

    we were never going to score more than 1 goal today against this sort of organised United side. So they did very well to stop us from winning today.

    1-1 fair result, not disapointed because we were fecking lucky in a way to come away from that not losers lol

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  • You could make a case they deserved nothing and an equally strong case that they should have won. They were terrible over the first hour.

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  • 9 months ago

    No, but I'll take it.

    We didn't perform well enough. The players let the occasion get into their heads today; Man U in a positive way and us in a negative.

    United's adrenaline kicked in because they couldn't bear the thought of losing to us at home, on top of everything else they're going through this season lol.

    So with their adrenaline and the help of their 12th man, they managed to seal a draw.

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    • RyNo9 months agoReport

      I thought VAR was supposed to always benefit us? lol. Sure gave United a helping hand today.
      But yeah I agree United turned up and we didn t, until the last 10 minutes anyway.

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  • No not really, but we were somewhat lucky to get it, we did not play well for w/e reason, That'll be Klopp's task to find out, because we were not his Liverpool, till about 75 mins, also the goal should never of stood, but that's life, but it would of been much worse to lose the game, so we move on..

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