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True or false? The Yankees relied too much on trying to hit a home run against the Astros. especially when they had runners in scoring pos.?

I think we all knew the Yankees were a home run hitting team going into the playoffs. However, it was very frustrating how many runners we left on base. It seemed like everyone was going for a big swing and ended up striking out, or hitting a fly ball. Compare this to the Astros who took advantage of any holes the Yankees left in their defense, smart base running and sacrificing themselves so the runner could score and it seems like the Yankees just flat out got outplayed. There were plenty of times this series where there were runners on second and third and the Yankees didn’t do anything with it when all they needed was a single to score both runners. What do you guys thin, what else cost the Yankees this series

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  • 10 months ago

    You make it sound like they had a choice in the matter. Just look at their garbage pitching, no way they were ever going to rely on that. 

    Fatboy Sabathia should've retired years ago. And boy did it show. 

  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    the yankees rely on miracles to beat any team that isnt the pirates. they are both trash

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