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how do I memorize a short monologue for an audition tomorrow?

I have a one day timeframe to memorize a monologue for a really important audition. tomorrow. Does anyone have any tips on how to memorize it and nail it? Sorry i’m just very nervous. 

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    Make sure you have an understanding of the character, the motivation, and the context for the monologue.  This will make memorization easier and help your performance.

    Break the monologue into chunks (aka “beats”) and memorize that way.

    Different people memorize in different ways, so you can use any combination of the following:

    - Read the monologue over and over. Take a piece of paper and cover the lines reveal the first line and try to remember the next one and continue that way.

    - Recite the monologue out loud over and over.  Record yourself so you can listen to it over and over.

    - Work with someone as you memorize so they can check you and feed you lines as you practice.

    There’s an app called Rehearsal Pro that can help you with these too. I’ve never used it, but I have a friend who really likes it.

    Good luck

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    Read it from the pages.

    Do it again.

    Read it with feeling, emotion, gestures, movement, etc. Vary your tone of voice.

    Repeat - over and over again.

    After a while you should find that you're not needing to look at the pages.

    Then get a friend to test you - several times.

    Good luck!

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    Read it, read it out loud and keep reading it out loud until you know the whole thing. Repeat for hours until you caan do it without referring to the page at all.

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