How do I select an optional subject for UPSC?

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  • 4 weeks ago

    Nothing else extra aptly describes the significance of selecting a non-obligatory problem for the Civil Services (Mains) Examination. Let me walk you via what I recommend to aspirants at my institute, Officer’s IAS Academy, and elsewhere while deciding on their elective subject.

    Importance of optional

    - Optional papers (Paper VI and Paper VII) of the Mains Examination elevate 500 marks together which is nearly 25% of the total marks (2025) of the written and character tests put together. So, with so a great deal weight, the optionally available can be a deal maker or a deal-breaker.

    - If you’d have analyzed the General Studies marks of a unique year’s topper and the individual who’d scored the centesimal rank, the range of their marks will no longer be at an awful lot variance. Toppers grow to be toppers through their Optional subject and the Essay paper. These are the most controllable components of the Written Test. So to say, if you perform very properly in these two areas, the chances of you turning into a topper are very high, if you fairly function properly in the General Studies part.

    Marks in the Optional paper determine whether or no longer you’ll get your Interview call, your dream carrier, and your dream cadre.

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