Why do feminists ignore the fact that breast cancer gets far more attention and funding than male specific cancers or child leukemia ?

If feminists claim to want an equal everything then why doesn’t testicular cancer or prostate cancer or even childhood leukemia get as much funding and attention as breast cancer.  I lost my father to cancer; I will NEVER EVER contribute one penny or wear a single ribbon for breast cancer “awareness” breast cancer is very treatable with detection, I suppose so is prostate cancer, but not testicular, and certainly not leukemia. 

How is it fair and equal that a mans or a child of either sex, life is considered less valuable than an adult woman’s?

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    1 month ago
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    RIght on!. Feminists don't target PETA or United Way either.

    • zap1 month agoReport

      I don’t have an alternate account. And go fck yourself lan- I lost my dad to cancer- no one gives a crap about cancers that affect men. Until then I have every right to not donate a penny or support breast cancer bs . 

  • LAN
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    1 month ago

    Why are you ignoring the fact that it's one of the few cancers with more easily detectable symptoms by a potential patient and higher awareness of it leads to early detection and a higher success rate for treatment.

    Maybe you should stop letting your ignorant hatred of women cloud your judgment?

  • 1 month ago

    It has nothing to do with feminists. A feminist is someone who believes that women should have equal rights to men. That makes the majority of women feminists, and many men, as well. I believe women should have equal rights to men, therefore, I am a feminist. I can also get extremely worked up about the lack of funding given to childhood cancer research. The two are separate.

    I work in pediatric oncology. I'm also a family member of a child who died of cancer. I'm going to climb on my soapbox for a moment.

    In general, childhood cancer research receives about 4% (it's actually a little less) of the USA's annual spending on cancer research. The years of life lost due to childhood cancer far outweighs the years of life lost due to most adult cancers.

    Breast cancer has become the thing to support because of the people who pushed the awareness campaign. That has not happened for other kinds of cancer. Will it? I don't think so, because the strong women who care the most about childhood cancer are the same strong women who are caring for the sick children, trying to make sure their kids don't get slighted in the chemo shortages, trying to keep their families intact and going during a time that can crumble them. When it's your kid, you give your all, and sometimes, that doesn't leave enough to fight for awareness and funding. Many people take this on after their child completes treatment (but is still involved in the childhood cancer community because well over 65% of survivors have long term late effects) or dies, but a large majority of parents also cope with PTSD after their child's treatment (recent studies have shown these numbers to be even higher now than in the past.)

    It is HARD to be a childhood cancer family and watch the pink invade September, to see the ACS putting a call out for kids to wear pink in September while ignoring the very children the ACS uses in their advertising campaigns to get money, to witness all of the support, and to wonder why we don't have that for children. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, but for the ACS, it's "gear up to October."

    That said, EVERY KIND OF CANCER RESEARCH IS IMPORTANT. It was research into treating childhood leukemia that led to multi-chemotherapy drug usage for breast cancer patients. So there is, of course, the potential that breast cancer research will not only lead to breast cancer cures, but perhaps trigger something for other kinds of cancer.

    Men's cancers are a different story. Historically, it has been hard to get men to talk about health issues. What will it take for prostate or testicular cancer to gain the same awareness and funding levels as breast cancer? It will probably take a dedicated, vocal group ready to work to make that change.

    Breast cancer tends to touch a lot of people. When you look at the statistics, it's still something that more people will experience in themselves or in loved ones than most other kinds of cancer. The awareness continues because it is so prevalent. Childhood cancer rates are rising, which is a fact no one wants to acknowledge, because that is horrifying. It's still not nearly at the level of breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, etc. Awareness and funding are needed for ALL kinds of cancer.

    • zap1 month agoReport

      I lost my dad to cancer; the feminazis here who have answered ignored that part of my question and attack me for being justifiably bitter that there’s a double standard in society and feminists; women are worth more than men; and if men have a problem with that they are labeled sexist 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    What about all the other childhood cancers? It all gets as much publicity as you, yourself, are prepared to work at.

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  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    One thing does not have to cancel out the other FFS. Don't be such a whiny child. Start your own movement if it worries you so. When I was growing up, breast cancer was a far bigger killer than it is today--thousands of lives have been saved by breast cancer awareness. Back in those 'good old days' women often ignored symptoms too because, oh no, if they should lose a breast, life was considered 'over'--their husbands would surely leave them so they were good as dead to society, in their minds, anyway. Once they got that nonsense and the embarrassment out of the way, headway could be made in combating the disease.

    It is the same with male cancers--men today need to get a grip, take responsibility, and stop feeling embarrassed because a DOCTOR has to touch his bits to diagnose.

    • zap1 month agoReport

      But fck men right? No one gave a **** about my father. None of these Brest cancer cheerleaders care 2 shits about male cancers. Too bad you mother and sister lived

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