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Can someone help me with my hair ?

So um.. 

a couple weeks ago I dyed my hair blonde and it turned out decently okay but then over a course of 2 weeks my hair turned very very brassy. like, orange brassy. To the point where my classmates make fun of me.  I’ve been feeling really down for it, as i’m already insecure and the thing is I can’t fix it because my parents are COMPLETELY broke.. Like can’t buy ANYTHING right now so I don’t know what to do. I know it’s stupid but everyone at my school keeps asking what happened to me and that I used to be “so pretty” and now i’m just an ugly mess.. I’m not sure who to ask and I’ve done a lot of research on this and i’m still clueless so if there’s something that I can do to fix this without spending money or like a home remedy that would be great. :(  

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    Here are some home remedy tips in the link below. If they don't work then you're going to have to save up some money or get your self a job, to be able to buy some hair toner which can reduce brassiness.

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    Buy a hair dye. You can get them for $1

    buy a dark color because it will fade.

    If you Buy dark brown, it will fade into light brown because Your hair is now blonde underneath the dye.

    Thats what I did.

    I was in college before and I had orange, ginger bleached blonde hair. And no point I bleach it again, I would have had to buy bleach twice a month to cover the dark roots. sooo I just bought a £1 Natural Black hair dye and dyed every corner of my hair. Focusing on the obvious areas like the top layer of the hair and the bottom.

    The black dye has faded into Brown, and then it become fully a decent Light brown colour for a year.

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    Let it grow out.  For all I know, you'd look perfect in any color.

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    yeah, I want to help you, please tell me something about you?

  • Anonymous
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    Learn from your mistakes. It will fade and grow out and you won't die.

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    I've heard that you can rinse your hair in coffee, and the coffee will darken it temporarily, until you are able to have it correctly professionally. It might be a good idea to try on a small portion of your hair before doing the whole head.

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    Tomato ketchup - cover and leave for a few hours. It counteracts the brassy

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Probably the only things you said that are true are: your classmates make fun of you, you're insecure, and that you're clueless

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