How do i keep spraining my ankle?

I'm a cross country runner. I keep spraining the ankle on my right leg. (atleast once a month) It never hurts right away. most times i can keep running for another hour. 

But when i wake up the next morning, thats when it hurts. The ankle itself never hurts. Just the outer side of my shin above the ankle. It hurts for 2-3 days then im fine and back to running. few weeks later... again..

Its annoying. Today while running I was really focusing and thinking DO NOT SPRAIN ANKLE... few moments later... boom. it rolls!! And yes its not hurting now but im pretty sure itll hurt when i wake up tomorrow

2 Answers

  • 1 month ago

    maybe you should take a break from running so that dont happen

  • Laura
    Lv 7
    1 month ago

    You keep hurting yourself because you never give yourself enough time to heal and regain the strength you need to prevent the sprain.

    The moment you roll your ankle, stop! Don't use that ankle and have someone help you to a chair. Use a brace or other bandage to apply compression, keep the ankle elevated and on ice and don't use it.

    Give your muscles the time they need to heal and repair. Just because it doesn't hurt instantly doesn't mean that you aren't causing a ton of damage.

    Stay off the ankle for a week or two. Wear the brace for a month. Don't run for at least a month. Give your muscles the time they need to heal. Once your muscles are healed you can't just go back to running how you used to because your muscles have not done anything for a month so they aren't ready for that kind of work. Go on small runs and work up to your usual pace.

    Yes this will take time and you will have to sit out from running but thats what happens when you get hurt and don't give yourself the time you need to heal. You end up getting hurt again and it causes even more problems.

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