How am I able to run faster on one treadmill vs another?

I have 2 treadmills at my house. One is a Horizon T401 and the other is a Weslo ProForm 520zni. 

The weslo needed a new tread belt that I ordered and never put on so I've been running on the Horizon t401. I stayed at it consistently trying to increase my pace per mile. I got my best up to 3.63 miles is 30 minutes which is like 8 mins and some change per mile over 30 minutes. 

On my last run the belt folded over and ripped. So I set it aside and fixed the weslo and got on, trying to keep up with what I've been doing on the Horizon t401, only to find it a lot more difficult to maintain a 9 min mile over the course of 20 minutes. My last run was 2.02 miles in 20 minutes. And I found that my calves and feet hurt a little bit more mid run. (Flat feet and plantar fasciitis) 

Theres a fitness center nearby and once or twice a week during my Horizon days I would go workout there and use one of their treadmills and did just as good if not better than I did on the Horizon. 

Is there something wonky with my Weslo? Is there any way that I can fix it? Or is this just a common fluctuation between treadmills and I'll just get used to it with time? I would just go to the fitness center but their hours only mesh with mine once or twice a week.

Please help


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  • 4 weeks ago

    Speed and/or distance shown on treadmill consoles have a reputation of being inaccurate.  I don't know myself, I'm just reporting what I've read in other running questions on Yahoo Answers.

    One way to measure speed is to measure the current going to the motor that drives the belt.  This  may be a source of inaccuracy.  My family used to have a treadmill that had what I would guess is a more accurate way of measuring speed:  An optical chopper coupled to the motor's shaft.

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