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Which robot vacuum and mop to buy while in Japan?

I am travelling to Japan for business. I am from a South American country with 220 voltage, so it does make sense to purchase any electrical gadget in Japan instead of doing it in the US as Japan and my home country share the same voltage. I would like to acquire an Roomba and a Braava; I am inclined to but the Roomba s7 (as I heard that the s9 has some software issues) and the Braava m series. I lives in an apartment (200 square meters) whith wife, two little kids and a dog. I wanted to know your thoughts on my selection and if I should be considering something different. Also, how big are the boxes? Do you think I will be able to carry them as carry-on luggage in the plane?

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  • Ben
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    4 weeks ago

    Japan and your home country do not share the same voltage.

    Voltage in Japan is 100v, which is close enough to US voltage that the appliances are interchangeable, but definitely not close enough to your 220v.

    It's most of Europe which has voltage close to yours (230v in most of Europe).

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