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I want to be a carpet cleaner. There is a guy who will sell a commercial machine for the same as anyone else. The range is $2,000 to $3,500 depending on model and tools. Then come chemicals. He has an assortment probably enough to done 10 small, heavy duty commercial jobs, 10 pet urine jobs and 10-15 straight up basic cleaning jobs. The price is about $400 and that's better than most.

Then comes the part I have issue with. $300 per day for training and travel expenses, We spend one day doing basic set up and how to do the job. We also set up a webpage and Google Are to find work. He actually likes to do that in advance, get an actual job or two. He says he prepared to spend as much advertising to get the first 2-3 jobs as they pay. He says he is good cold calling commercial accounts and real estate work, He's going to find 3-4 jobs and do on the job training. So the website and Ads will cost $150 for a half day. There will be another 900+ for training. Then he iscgone and I am supposed to be ready. I don't know how, maybe this is a scam? He will not help anyone closer than 50 miles from his business, He is serving as far aw as 400 miles 425 miles if you count Cleveland. He's a slick kNYer. How do I know he does set up a competitor 10 miles away? How do I know I am the competition of someone 10 miles away he set up a year ago? Maybe he is Trumping me the whole time. You know how these NYers are. I am in central MD.

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    I wouldn't entertain it without first knowing what other companies/competitiors are in the area you live in, what they charge, how busy they are, what their costs are... purchasing a business (which most new businesses fail in the first two years) is not about the cost of buying equipment or paying for training but lack of research and knowing your trade, understanding how the public find/book a service, what commercial customers there are, like letting agents who want cleaning done between tenants and if you could get two or three letting agents as clients, understanding local marketing, use of social media as 'world wide web' advertising for a local business is useless......... research is never wasted and the more you do the better prepared you are regardless of the business you are in

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    Its a tough business. Plus not a huge money maker. My brother has had a carppet tile cleaning business for about 15 years. It hardly brings in enough business to keep insurance, gas, and products in stock he needs. I actually was a preschool tea her and made more than him working only 9 months a year. Which is low 22k a year....

    I think its a rip off to pay for training and travel when you could work for Coit in Stanislaus country or standley steamer and get traned and paid. They also pay travel expenses from one job to another. I think you could learn the trade at a cheaper cost. My brother struggles in between holidays and people complain a lot...not to mention insurance cost in case you ruin something. Ads, golf driving ranges are great.

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    1 month ago

    My friend put $20k down on franchise fee of $40k. They also sold him $10k with of equipmen fort $20K. He financed that totally. So he is in the whole $40k in loans and $20k in cash to the franchise. The minivan was over $20k all on payments too. Within a year he was out of business and lost his house. If this isn't champ change to you, stay away. My friend could easily have afforded $6k for equipment and training. Maybe a late model used minivan for $9k on a late model van. He might have made it.

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    1 month ago

    It sounds very fishy. I would not want to get into it.

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