Does anyone know how to fix this problem (PS4)?

So basically whenever I turn on my PS4 the screen starts getting really staticy, it’s hard to show in photo but basically it shows the normal screen but then there’s just non-stop static I’ve tried everything to fix it!

-Reset it

-unplugged it

-safety shutdown

-updated it

-rebuilt the data base

-cleaned dust from the fans

What do I do????????

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  • 1 month ago
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    From the replies you’ve made to the previous two suggestions, and my money would have been on the HDMI, it’s clear that your problem lies with the PS4 itself.

    I don’t own one, but if it has more than one HDMI output then try that if you haven’t already done so, and if you have then it’s time to get your console repaired professionally. Check with Sony: even if the warranty has expired they usually offer fixed price repairs in most countries and you may even find that your fault is covered by an extension to the warranty (often called a “soft recall” where manufacturers repair for free but only to those owners requesting particular repairs). The Sony repair turnaround time can easily exceed 14 days so if that’s unbearable your only remaining option is the more expensive instant fix of a replacement console, either new or secondhand (if CEX operate in your country they give a 2 year warranty on everything they sell). Hopefully your DLC and other saved game data is backed up online.

    • Robsteriark
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      4 weeks agoReport

      Unless you know of a good local repairer which fully guarantees their work then Sony remains your best option. If the problem is intermittent then use a cheap low capacity USB pen drive to store a video recording which clearly shows the fault and enclose that with an explanatory note.

  • Lila
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    1 month ago

    Could be a bad HDMI cord or the HDMI slot on your TV or monitor is defective. Try plugging into a different HDMI slot. 

    • Lila
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      1 month agoReport

      Sorry, i don't know. Maybe it needs repaired. 

  • 1 month ago

    THis is usually a problem with the display resolution settings.

    Go to: Settings > Sound and Screen > Video Output Settings > Resolution.

    Then change the resolution to better suit your TV.

    • Nope, didn’t work. Tried connecting it to another TV too. Still didn’t work.

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