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Fleas on dogs and house help please! ?

Long story short I thought my boyfriend had sorted our dogs monthly flea treatment turns out he hadn’t and the dogs haven’t had any treatment for over a year! 

I’ve been treating the dogs since end of August with advocate.  The numbers have definitely decreased but I’m still finding a few on both dogs 😞

I’ve flea bombed the house, I’ve washed all their bedding toys etc multiple times.  Washed all the sofa coverings etc etc hoovered the house a

Million times over, used flea spray on all the soft furnishings and used pet flea spray on the dogs bathed them

Several  times

Basically done everything your meant to and they’re still here, I’m at my wits end 😫any help would be so appreciated 


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    1 month ago

    You are using TOO MANY chemicals. 

    FIRST: Sprinkle a mix of baking soda and salt on the carpeting. Leave it on for 24 hours, then vacuum. This kills the eggs and larva, and that is probably what is causing the trouble. 

    If you skip a month of the monthly meds, after retreating the carpeting with the soda/salt mix, use Nitenpyram or Capstar. You can get this online and it will kill the fleas on the dogs within 30 minutes and for 24 hours. You can repeat this med but works fine if you do it about each 3 days until all fleas are gone. Be very careful you don't use this until the monthly has worn off. You CANNOT continue to use so many chemicals. Capstar is much safer and works. Baking soda/salt is also very safe AND WORKS. We treated 5 cats and 2 dogs in this manner.

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    Other than what has been extensively suggested here already, when we had a bad summer couple of years back, I used Capstar to immediately rid the hounds of the fleas (and it does work!) and then set about laundering, spraying - we vacuum every day in any case and so on. This may be needed more than once to get ontop of the situation.

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    Thank you so


  • Anonymous
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    I had this problem last year and they would not go away! they're very stubborn which is the worst part.

    What i found helps is vacuuming the house consistently, maybe once a day depends how bad it is. Also when you bath the dogs, soak them in a flea shampoo and leave it on them a few minutes, it should tell you on the instructions. You will notice dead fleas falling out when you rinse the shampoo off. Buying flea tablets could help as well, you either have to force it down your dogs throat or you can carefully crush it up and put it in their food. 

    Also avoid letting your dogs on the bed and couch. Fleas will bite humans too, my sister and I both ended up with many flea bites all over our ankles and body.



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