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How to apologise for hating blacks ? ?

Your girl foshizzy in the hizzy here, basic thing is I thank you all got me wrong here. I grew up in a white neighborhood, in NewYork, well I won't tell ya the borough but I never been exposed to blacks. I met Abdulmalik and he sort of influenced my mind in a negative way (well he did some nice things to me too, wink). But yeh, so can I just like blame him for all the hate people assume I have INSIDE ME ? 

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  • polly
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    It might be best if you make a concerted effort to try to be less dark on the world

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    Saddest thing.

    Being exposed to blacks was the most fun time I've ever had.

    Lots and lots of fighting.

    However, when you finally earn their love and respect? They spoil you rotten as fvck.

    Good luck.

    Was actually sad I had to leave. And although I'm happy in this sterile white environment where no one bothers me? I do miss home.

    • Guardian
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      "U MAKE ME WANT TO HATE BLACKS AGAIN, U NI66A B!TCH FAACK OFFFF." Old man, I like... left 6 hours ago. Stop stalking me.

  • my sweet dear

    say the followng 'i am so sorry for such hating i am to peace for you'

    love from ur homosexual

  • 1 month ago

    I would think if you hated blacks so much, you'd type and speak eloquently out of spite for ebonics.

    But you do ya own thang.

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