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Is noisy neighbours on a sunday morning considerate? ?

Im a teen and i suffer with anxiety and im on the autistic spectrum so i think im more sensitive to noise anyway. It was loud enough though i think anyone could hear it. It’s Sunday i was woke at 7am from loud bangs and thudding on the walls. We have a family next door with 3 kids but one is younger about 7. I try to not let it bother me as it’s kids as i know kids can be noisy and it’s expected etc. The issue is the walls are so bad it comes through

. My nan whom i live with is partially deaf so she can’t hear it. I’m just a bit cheesed off as i get insomnia and can’t sleep a lot especially on a sunday when trying to have a lie in .I’m not being unreasonable but it’s so early. Would of been nice to not to have broken sleep. I understand if they got school but its the weekend. I’m a very anxious person as it is so like when i wake up startled, from the noise i tense up. Do you think it’s inconsiderate or am i being unreasonable?

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    I am confused. Has this only happened once, or are they loud and noisy frequently? If they are like that all the time, you certainly have a right to be upset by this. But if this only happens once every few months, it's a family with kids, that's the best they can do.

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    It sounds like your adult neighbors like to have sex early Sunday morning. You can ask them to move their bed away from the wall or you can look into buying and installing noise reducing wall panels. Decorative wall tapestries can also help dim the noise.

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    you should do the same in the morning..... when they come to you, tell them they are bothering you.   they will understand...

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    the parents probably cant help it, i have neighbors that can be loud and sometimes i'll just go to sleep early so i get enough sleep before they wake me up

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    🥴 Sorry, dear. All I'm hearing is "me, me, me.... I, I, I."

    It's the weekend and morning. That anxiety thing is a made up excuse for pharmaceutical companies to profit off of drug sales.

    I think the more you get used to not thinking about YOU all the time, the more it makes you adapt to your surroundings better.

    I didn't grow up liking Rock or Metal. But... I forced myself to embrace it as a teen so I could transition better into several different environments. And now I have.

    It will work for you too.

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    You're not being unreasonable. It's inconsiderate and possibly a violation of the rules of the building. You should speak with their parents, or have someone in your family do so. Alternatively, complain to the building manager or supervisor.

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    Noisy neighbors are inconsiderate no matter what time of day or day of the week. Tell them to shùt the fùck up, decent people are trying to live their lives and no one wants to hear the animal herd they call a family.

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