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What do you think that this stranger was thinking when he asked me "am I ok" and "you can tell strangers what's going on"? SO CONFUSED?

I was crying today in this forest alone, sitting on a tree trunk by a lake (young female adult age)...but I wasn't crying when he came to me so I am confused if he saw that... whatever I was having a moment & bad thoughts.....anyways this guy also somehow found this spot that is off the trail and said..

Our conversation:

Guy "don't be alarmed as he was walking by"

Me: *I just look at him quietly*

Guy "hey you took my meditation spot"

Me: "Oh, sorry"

Guy: *Jumps over me/ the tree trunk that broke off from a storm that i was sitting on

& walks to the side of an area* & says "I know it's not my business, but is everything ok"

Me: "yeah, thanks"

1 minute later- I am just looking at the lake & just thinking

Guy: "you know you can tell strangers what's going on, we don't etc...something about not knowing what's going on and not judging..."


It was really sweet but I don't understand why he did that when I said yeah thanks & didn't cry when he was around..


He started to smoke while looking at the lake (standing on the side of me) & I kinda ran away after...I feel bad about it now & I'm confused...

Update 2:

Do you think that he was thinking that I was suicidal or something?

Update 3:

i don't get what he was trying to imply

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    He "jumped over me and the tree trunk." He must be really athletic. This guy sees a young female woman out in the middle of nowhere and crying. Looking at this from his point of view, wouldn't you think it was strange?

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