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Why is my dog behaving weirdly? He’s a 7yo little Bolognese x cocker spaniel. ?

Over the past few months my dog, Happy, has starting acting weirdly. He’s a little mummy’s boy, loves his cuddles, he would usually cuddle all day long if allowed. My mum & I live together & he sleeps with my mum & 2 other dogs, including his sister who he has always been devoted too. Think “old marry couple.” They spend all day on my mum’s lap. 

However, just recently, he stopped going down to bed with her and is choosing to sleep with me or alone. He will also take himself out to the garden (we have dog flap) & stay out there for hours, refusing to come in, day or night, rain or shine. He wants to sleep with mum but something stops him.

He is very sensitive to sound & will go out there if there’s a noise on TV he doesn’t like or if fire alarm goes off etc. 

He’s eating, drinking, playing, weeing and pooing normally. No signs of pain. Looks healthy. I’m at my wits end, he went to bed with my mum tonight & then she text to say he was in the garden & wouldn’t come in. I had to go in the garden at 5am to bring him in because it’s too sad to see him out there in the dark on his own. 

The only thing I can think of is that he can hear a noise that we can’t & it’s upsetting him. But I have no idea what. But any other suggestions for his little break down would be gratefully received. I have money and can take him to the vet but I would have no idea what to say, it’s so non specific and he is actually physically healthy. We are a 6 dog house but they all get on well generally. 

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    I am sorry to say WE DON'T KNOW, most probably cannot even hazard a guess. This is not normal, and as Maxi said the only option is to see your vet, when a dog's normal behavior and/or personality changes. If the vet finds, no joint, spinal or say kidney stone pain, or infection (like a UTI or a tooth) or a change in his mental cognition, then look at something like a change between the dogs (as to pack order).

  • Maxi
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    1 month ago

    Any change in behaviour is one of the first indicators of illness, so take the dog to the vet for a check up....... if the dog is healthy then you can look further into why he is behaving like this

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Maybe lock the doggy door at night. See what happens.

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