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Is it okay to rinse box dye (Revlon Buttersilk) in the kitchen sink? My sink's an undermount stainless steel.?

I don't want to rinse in the bathtub as I'm worried about discoloring my bathroom. Is it fine to rinse in the kitchen sink?

Won't the dye chemical affect the sink itself?

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    You rinse you hair in the shower when you dye it at home. It isn’t going to hurt your tub or kitchen sink or the drain. Just keep running water on. Any residue in your tub can be wiped up with any cleanser that has some bleach in it. Women have been dying their hair at home decades. In their tub or shower, it isn’t going to hurt anything,

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    the dye will not affect the stainless steel beyond what can be cleaned off with normal cleaning products. You could also dump the used dye water outside in some bushes

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    Put about 2" of water in the sink with 12 oz. of bleach. Pour dye in, Dye no more.

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