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What size fish tank will I need?

I'm looking in to starting up an aquarium! I plan on doing all the research needed before even attempting to do this(including the filters needed, and lighting, plants, etc;) 

But the one part i'm stumped on , is what kind tank size should I look into getting?

I want to have a pretty large tank, with the following fish!

- 2 freshwater Angelfish

- 3 dwarf Gouramis

- 4 swordtails (1 male, 3 female)

- 5 siamese algae eaters

I know most articles say the minimum for the angelfish is a 30 gallon. But would a 50 gallon tank work for these types of fish, and the amount I want to get? If not, how big should I go? 


4 angel fish, not 2!

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    Welcome to Fishkeeping!,

    I have a little bit of bad news for you, and some good hopefully.

    If you want 4 angel fish, you should really get at least a 55 gallon, = The tank should be at least 48 inch long tank, and at least 18 inches tall.

    Angel fish and gourami are not good tank mates, both are territorial top dwellers.

    You will need to choose one or the other.

    I hear more stories about the dwarf gourami become aggressive with other fish then i do angel fish becoming aggressive with ither species.

    If you get multiple angels, you are likely to end up with at least one pair of breeding. The pair will be aggressive to other species during breeding time, it is not ideal to keep other top dwellers like swordtails,mollies, danios...

    Siamese algea eaters are really not the greatest choice. these fish become aggressive as the age, and stop eating algae, and start eating the slime coat off of there tankmates.

    If you want a fish to eat the alge, 8+ oto cats will, but you need to have good algae growth before adding these wild caought fish, as the will take weeks or months to adopt to store bought algae wafers.

    nerite or mystery snails are great for eating algea.

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      Excellent response! Just wanted to clarify though that the Siamese algae eater usually remains a good community fish. The Chinese algae eater is the one the becomes aggressive.

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