Finance Minor - Usefulness?

I'm majoring in Computer Science. I plan to go into the tech industry after graduating i.e. hopefully somewhere in Silicon Valley. I'm debating whether I should add a finance minor or go hard on my tech courses and take as many tech courses as I can that I would otherwise miss out on if I were to add a finance minor.

Personally, my reason for adding the finance minor is just to gain some basic financial literacy before I graduate from college. I want to learn about investing/investments, stocks, bonds, securities, trading, financial analysis/modeling, basic financial statements. My current knowledge of these areas is close to nil and because of that, I feel very unprepared to handle money after I graduate. I feel that my current lack of financial knowledge would hold me back after I graduate.

My time in college is limited, so I want to spend it taking the most valuable/useful courses - those that'll concretely help me later in life in either my job or to make money.

The finance minor at my university is 5 courses: 1 on economics, 1 on accounting, 1 on finance, 1 on financial analysis/valuation, and 1 on financial derivatives. I could do these 5 courses or instead, take 5 tech courses that I'd be missing out on if I go ahead with the finance minor. I can say that the tech courses that I would be missing out on are also reasonably important.

So what should I do? What kind of careers can finance be useful for/lead to? Is the minor worth it? Please help! Thank you so much!

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