Finance Minor - Usefulness?

I'm majoring in Computer Science. I plan to go into the tech industry after graduating i.e. hopefully somewhere in Silicon Valley. I'm debating whether I should add a finance minor or go hard on my tech courses and take as many tech courses as I can that I would otherwise miss out on if I were to add a finance minor.

Personally, my reason for adding the finance minor is just to gain some basic financial literacy before I graduate from college. I want to learn about investing/investments, stocks, bonds, securities, trading, financial analysis/modeling, basic financial statements. My current knowledge of these areas is close to nil and because of that, I feel very unprepared to handle money after I graduate. I feel that my current lack of financial knowledge would hold me back after I graduate.

My time in college is limited, so I want to spend it taking the most valuable/useful courses - those that'll concretely help me later in life in either my job or to make money.

The finance minor at my university is 5 courses: 1 on economics, 1 on accounting, 1 on finance, 1 on financial analysis/valuation, and 1 on financial derivatives. I could do these 5 courses or instead, take 5 tech courses that I'd be missing out on if I go ahead with the finance minor. I can say that the tech courses that I would be missing out on are also reasonably important.

So what should I do? What kind of careers can finance be useful for/lead to? Is the minor worth it? Please help! Thank you so much!

2 Answers

  • 3 weeks ago

    You can get that financial literacy on your own. You do not need to take any college courses. If you are majoring in Computer Science, you need excellent background in various aspects of CS. Actually, it's often a bit too general, compared to computer engineering, software engineering. You have to make yourself very competitive in today's job market.

  • 4 weeks ago

    To me it sounds like the things you want to learn about finance would be better to just read a few books. If you really want to get into finance as part of your career path, it might be reasonable, but there could also be options to get another degree while working (possibly paid for by the company)

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