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Is it normal to focus on this one thing so much? Please read details below ?

for a long time of my life I have always focused on the sadness part of life. Sometimes when i see someone even just a bit sad I can easily notice it. Just how the world works just makes me sad: how the government and corporations pay so little attention to the health of the planet, or even the wage gap between the rich and poor. The fact that poor people makes me sad cause I wish that everyone just lived a better life, I wish that everyone is paid %20 more, I wish people lived in better cleaner houses, I wish they live happier lives. The only people I don’t really care as much are the people who are making hundreds of dollars per minute. People who already live extravagant lives. My mom kinda makes me sad because I know she she worked so hard for me and my siblings. Way more than I want her to, especially since I am 25 and struggling to find a job at this very moment. I don’t know if this is just me or it’s normal. 

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    I'm not saying you should be blind to the harsh realities of our society, but it's important to have some balance - think about the good things. People have made fun of the newspaper USA Today for always reporting good news, but I think the media has a thing about bad news that's not good for us.

    Most important is knowing that you're one of the helpful people. There's a lot of ways to help - for example, in volunteer work.

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