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Is it bad that I hope to die young so I don't have to worry about life?

Life is fine now but I only feel confident because even if things go bad I can always fall back on my parents. When my parents die of old age I won't have anyone to fall back on and that is scary to think about.

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    I feel you. I don't consider myself suicidal anymore, but it wouldn't be a bad thing if I were to die soon. I don't have my parents to fall back on though. They're very loving and supportive, I couldn't ask for better parents. But my personal problems can't be solved by falling back on them. If I let go of myself, only I can fix it. Therapy has been ineffective for me, probably because Canada's shitty healthcare only provides me with a child psychologist (the kind for toddlers and young children) even though I'm 15. The only thing keeping me stable is antidepressants, and it took me two years to get referred to a psychiatrist for it.

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    You should prepare yourself for such an eventuality. Get a decent job and try living on your own. If that fails look for a real wage earner you could marry. A domineering person who could substitute for a parent. I recommend my first option but we do what we have to do.

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