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How do I get help without pharmacy drugs?

I think i have schizophrenia / psychosis. I asked fo help here before and people said go to doctor. I don't want to be treated badly by those psych people. I've been with them before and one seemed to lied against me!!!!!! For no real apparent gain! I want disability and wondering if i should at least try to get diagnosed with schizophrenia so i can get on disability. The other thing is, i wish someone online would help me. I have 0 friends and my parents are narcissistic selfish jokes. My family does not care for me. I want to get away from my selfish mom and live on my own. I have a part time job and am in college. Hopefully i will get more work and then i can go no contact. Shes such a fake person. I hate having to place nice around her when all i wanna do is not see or talk to her manipulative rageful self again. I want a husband and the male species ignores me. 

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  • Dejair
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    4 weeks ago

    Books are good friends for whom wishes evolution ; occupied mind is an happy mind ; balance and justice till the complete illumination. Super-health, shiny youth, comfortable wealth !

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